Missing her terribly.

It’s been a while Since I’ve updated Roxy’s blog, but this would be an update that breaks my heart. Jan 23, 2013 our hearts were ripped from our chest. We said goodbye to Roxy that evening and it was THE hardest thing we’ve ever had to do especially with it happening so quickly. Roxy suddenly wasn’t feeling well and after 2 emergency vet visits, they found a large, aggressive mass on her heart that was leaking fluid in her heart sac and into her lungs. Our only options were chemo or “making her comfortable.” And her quality of life wouldn’t have been good with either of those options.

She had hemangiosarcoma; a rapidly growing, highly invasive variety of cancer, occurring almost exclusively in dogs and rarely in cats. It is a sarcoma arising from the lining of blood vessels that is blood-filled channels and spaces are commonly observed microscopically. A frequent cause of death is the rupturing of this tumor causing the patient to rapidly bleed to death. once the dr’s were able to drain this fluid out she seemed to be feeling much better and this is what bought some time with her for the rest of the day.

From the research I’ve done on this condition, most dogs don’t even show symptoms or signs of discomfort. Luckily with Roxy, I saw that she was lethargic and her breathing was intense. She wouldn’t even come when I called her. We thought maybe her lyme disease was active and was making her tired and the vet would give us meds and send her home. And they almost did. Her vitals were good and blood tests were normal until one of the vet techs saw her collapse in her crate which prompted an ultra sound that confirmed fluid around her heart. the next morning we brought her to a referral vet center that could get a better look at her heart to see if indeed there was a mass, and there was.

Brandon made a pound of bacon and gave her spoonfulls of peanut butter that she gobbled up without hesitation and due to her sleepless night at the emergency vet, we let her sleep on her favorite spot on the couch. I couldn’t have been more thankful to have these last moments with her since this type of cancer usually takes lives without warning.

Later that evening, we brought her back to the vet. The feeling of being there knowing we weren’t bringing her back is a pain I can’t even describe. I had the Dr. come talk to me a second time about her condition to make sure I was making the right decision especially at a time where she seemed perfectly fine and feeling much better. And letting her go was the right thing to do.

I cannot begin to describe the pain I had from the decision I had just made. We were with her every step of the way up until she left us.. We miss her terribly.

Where ever you are zipper, we’ll see you there one day. xoxo kiss kiss


“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” – Will Rogers

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